Anders Hedberg Ph.D.

Dr. Anders Hedberg is a former corporate executive with three decades of experience in pharmaceutical R&D, corporate affairs, and advocacy for science, health, and education.

As Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) Corporate Philanthropy, Dr. Hedberg created and led the company's worldwide health and science education programs. For ten years Dr. Hedberg's office administered grants and developed strategic programs for international educational institutions.

Under Dr. Hedberg's leadership, the BMS Policy and Guidelines for Global Charitable Giving were developed, followed by the establishment of a BMS Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Council.

Dr. Hedberg also created the BMS Center for Science Education. As its director, he developed a comprehensive science outreach program that improved and supported elementary and middle school science education where BMS operates in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Sweden.

Dr. Hedberg is a frequent speaker at national conferences and has made numerous invited keynote addresses on international corporate social responsibility in education.

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Educational Philosophy
Dr. Hedberg is recognized as a global authority on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. He works regularly with the leading educational institutions and academies worldwide, advising them on how to implement effective STEM programs.

One of the key aspects of Dr. Hedberg's philosophy is that STEM programs must involve both educators and STEM practitioners active in the workplace. STEM learning is most effective when students apply content knowledge in applied, integrated project scenarios that require inquiry-based exploration and applied problem solving. Teacher training and preparation along with STEM program development, education policy and systemic reform help to enhance student achievement worldwide and fuel the global talent marketplace.

When students are active participants in their education they flourish. By encouraging today's STEM students to question, think independently, and challenge themselves and their commonly held beliefs, they are on the path to becoming truly valuable members of tomorrow's STEM workforce. This is the only way that countries can compete successfully in today's and tomorrow's global economy.

Dr. Hedberg's educational theories have been confirmed numerous times both in the United States and worldwide using specialized STEM programs he has helped develop. In the United States many of these programs are led and distributed by the National Science Resources Center (NSRC). We also work closely with Achieve Inc, STEMconnector and the Academy of Science in several countries.

About Hedberg Consulting
Hedberg Consulting is a private consultancy for developing the global talent marketplace in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Workforce development, preparation and a strong talent pipeline are essential for economic prosperity. The firm specializes in establishing corporate-educational partnerships between business executives and educational leaders and developing strategies for private-public partnerships.

Hedberg Consulting provides a full range of international, government, and corporate relations, with special emphasis on formal (pre-K - 16) and informal science education. Services include strategic planning; public-private alliance building; program development, management and evaluation; and sourcing and capacity-building.

Hedberg Consulting wishes to work with clients in all sectors of the economy: business, industry, government, public, nonprofit/nongovernmental, and community- and faith-based organizations.

Strategic Alliances
Hedberg Consulting maintains a strategic alliance with Benchfly, Inc. The two companies have applied their strongly complementary expertise to provide joint contractual services that benefits their clients. Benchfly specializes in the development of video-based science learning tools. Hedberg Consulting's expertise is in corporate R&D and STEM education. Together, they have developed strategies for increasing student and teacher access to workplace practitioners and project-based learning.

Hedberg Consulting developed communications, strategic and business planning for the NSRC, working in collaboration with BTaylor Public Affairs, specializing in communications and public affairs. Together, the two firms implemented workforce readiness programs in several school districts in five states in the northeastern and central United States.

While at BMS the principals of the two firms created a novel program designed to teach high school students how science, math, social studies, and language arts skills are continuously integrated and applied in the R&D industry.

Hedberg Consulting also collaborates actively with David Heil & Associates (DHA), again with the goal of offering leveraged expertise to STEM education clients. Hedberg Consulting and DHA together developed an innovative preschool program that prepares young learners to become active inquirers and explorers. Their services also are offered internationally.

national science resources center nsrc Through his long-standing relationship with the NSRC, Dr. Hedberg has developed a strong and productive strategic alliance with the organization and its parent institutions, the National Academies and the Smithsonian Institution. Since 1996 Dr. Hedberg has provided leadership to the NSRC as a board member and has served as chair of both the National Advisory Board and the International Coalition. He has also led and provided corporate support for NSRC's systemic reform in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York and Indiana. He currently provides strategic and business-planning consultancy helping the NSRC become a global leader in STEM education. The vast network of international science and engineering academies, STEM-based business and industry, and education ministries engaged with the NSRC constitutes a valuable resource and important client base for Hedberg Consulting.

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