Hedberg Consulting works with both the public and private sectors to improve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in the U.S. and internationally. The firm specializes in building strong corporate-education partnerships between educators, business leaders, science and engineering academies, government agencies, higher education and advocacy groups. It helps to strategically plan, implement, evaluate and propagate systemic reform in STEM education and policy. Systemic education involves both the public and the private sectors as active partners in educational initiatives. This includes everyone from parents and teachers to informal learning institutions, corporations and advocacy groups.

A strong talent pipeline and marketplace are essential for economic prosperity. Hedberg Consulting's model for change is based on building bridges between leaders and stakeholders who hold the keys to revamping our educational system. Today's students are tomorrow's workforce. Workforce development and preparation start with students, teachers and future employers. Every one of these people benefit from the advancement of STEM education.

Hedberg Consulting accomplishes those objectives by establishing shared ownership of aggressive goals and objectives for improving student achievement and talent preparation. The firm helps inspire student interest in STEM and in becoming skilled and dedicated professionals in the STEM workforce. At the same time students are transformed into citizens who are educated users of STEM products and services. Hedberg Consulting brings specialized skills, experience, and dedicated program development to these community partnerships, delivering added value to all parties involved.

achieve incThe firm's expertise and services span the range from pre-school through post-secondary education, focusing in higher grades on developing essential skills for the complex STEM workplace.

The firm's founder, Anders Hedberg, Ph.D., spent more than thirty years in the private sector as a scientist and corporate executive while maintaining a career-long commitment to and involvement with education. Thus he is able to serve as a catalyst to large, ambitious projects.

Hedberg Consulting is experienced and comfortable working with extremely diverse members of the private and public sectors. The firm is equally at ease with government leaders, international organizations, leading scientists, and engineers as with technical educators, classroom teachers, and advocacy groups.

Dr. Hedberg has already demonstrated the efficacy of his approach in various school systems in the United States. For example, his RxeSEARCH program, which is offered under the aegis of the National Science Resources Center (NSRC), brought high school students into close contact with an active R&D environment and the practice of reality-based problem solving.

Learn more about RxeSEARCH.

Far younger students also have participated in Dr. Hedberg's programs. BLAST PreK encourages preschool children to actively explore their world rather than simply be passive recipients of stories and pictures presented by their teacher. Dr. Hedberg's approach prepares these youngsters to become active learners through inquiry in the K-12 classroom.

Learn more about Blast PreK.

Experiences like these should be available to students around the globe. Dr. Hedberg is already starting to make it happen.

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