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stem education program developmentHedberg Consulting is turning its expertise toward the international front, where it is involved in a number of high-level science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) initiatives, including:

The Swedish Naturvetenskap och Teknik för Alla (Natural Sciences and Technology for All, or NTA), which is led by the Royal Swedish Academy of Science and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science, has a long-standing partnership with the National Science Resources Center (NSRC) in its pursuit of systemic STEM reform. The NTA leadership will embark upon a large-scale effort to bring leading Swedish companies into the program, with the long-range goal of strengthening STEM workforce development and preparation. The NTA leadership is also exploring international collaboration with Mexico, Chile, and the United States under the BLAST PreK program. The goal is to springboard young learners into effective and productive K-12 STEM education. Both initiatives are being pursued with Hedberg Consulting in an advisory role.

Hedberg Consulting collaborates closely with La main a la pate, a leadership organization dedicated by the Franch Academy of Science to improve science education in French public schools. La main a la pate, also serves as the main administrative unit under the EU/EC-funded pan-European Fibonacci Program, and is thus a critical agent in the effort to strengthen STEM education in Europe.

The Mexico-U.S. Foundation for Science is a long-time leader of systemic science reform, with strong ties to the international community of STEM education. Hedberg Consulting has assisted FUMEC (Fundación México Estados Unidos para la Ciencia) with its strategic positioning for corporate leadership, which is now under the administration of INNOVEC (Innovación en la Enseñanza de la Ciencia). INNOVEC/FUMEC are currently exploring the BLAST PreK program for Mexican early childhood education.

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The University of Chile currently plays an important role in international STEM education policy reform. As the appointed chair of the Inter-Academies Panel's Education Committee, University of Chile Vice President Dr. Jorge Allende is responsible for a strategic plan that coordinates activities of science academies around the world dedicated to STEM education. Under his supervision, and in collaboration with Hedberg Consulting, the University of Chile is currently investigating the BLAST Pre-K program for use in Chilean preschools.

Hedberg Consulting is working with Estonian education leaders in academia and industry. The goal of this strategic planning is to expand systemic science education policy reform in a way that models the Swedish NTA program.

Hedberg Consulting is providing advice and guidance to the leadership of the German initiative for systemic STEM reform at the Freie Universität of Berlin.

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