Hedberg Consulting is skilled at directing corporate and private philanthropic efforts toward educational initiatives that can achieve societal as well as workforce development goals. We tie together corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, K-16 teacher training and preparation, STEM program development, education policy and systemic reform help to enhance student achievement worldwide. Building strong public-private corporate-education partnerships works to improve STEM education for the benefit of the following four areas.

STEM workforce development

These partnerships work to transform students (pre-K through secondary school) from passive learners into active explorers and problem solvers. Active inquiry and independent analytical thinking are the hallmarks of successful STEM students.

Workplace readiness

Corporate-education partnerships also prepare STEM students for the intellectual and ethical conditions they will encounter in the R&D workplace by using specially prepared programs that mimic that workplace.

Worldwide job competitiveness

A strong talent marketplace and pipeline are essential for economic prosperity. Business-education partnerships ensure that STEM students are prepared to meet the highest standards worldwide, so they can compete successfully for both what they want to do and where they want to work.

Talent attraction for the R&D industry

Assists R&D-based industries to acquire and retain the highly skilled, highly motivated STEM workforce they need to successfully compete in the global marketplace.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not a new concept in the United States, and Hedberg Consulting has already made its mark in the field with programs like RxeSEARCH and BLAST PreK, both offered in tandem with pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). Hedberg Consulting continues to build similar programs in the US, particularly through its work with the National Science Resources Center (NSRC). We also work closely with Achieve Inc, STEMconnector and the Academy of Science in several countries.

Internationally, the concept of CSR is beginning to emerge. This comes at a time when global challenges to the environment, human health and well-being, security, and the world economy require collaboration by all stakeholders to find sustainable solutions.

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